The MovingMonkeys in Schools Programme provides animated educational content for EYFS & KS1 classrooms. Designed to improve learning skills & behaviours; to educate & engage children & improve academic outcomes while getting children active.
The MovingMonkeys session are led by the two heroes Bertie & Boo. Put these animations on through classroom whiteboards & they support teaching goals and hit government guidelines for getting children more active during the school day!

There are varying lengths and styles of Animated Active Lessons to suit your requirements:

Themed Educational Adventures (~ 30 minutes)

Each active lesson takes the class on an adventure, capturing the imagination, keeping the children physically active throughout & introducing larger topics like ‘space’, ‘under the sea’ & ‘our bodies’ with more being added all the time. The adventures include problem solving in core curriculum subjects of Maths, English, Science & others and are designed with age and development appropriate exercise and educational content and address multiple learning styles.

Moving Monkey Maths, Moving Monkey Literacy & Moving Monkey Science Worksheets (5-20 minutes)

Various animated worksheets for when you need to teach the specifics. Designed to have the children up, moving, thinking & problem solving together. Incorporating movement and multiple choice to enhance cognition.

Indoor Movement Play (2-10 minutes)

Short sessions for the classroom on those indoor days to allow children to move, release energy & refresh concentration.
Also for the times when the children need to get up from their chairs & be moving within classes to reduce distractibility & increase focus.

Brain Training PE (20-30 minutes)

Specific PE lessons for the classroom, nurturing physical literacy, focusing on movement patterns that develop learning skills & behaviours while improving working memory. Training for the body and the mind!

The key elements of the MovingMonkeys Schools Programme are:
• Physical activity providing physiological & psychological benefits
• Learning skills & educational performance
• Teacher led & classroom based
• The core curriculum covered utilising all learning styles
• Educational adventure with social & cooperative learning

Teacher Led & Classroom Based
Teachers are mentors, leaders & great influencers of their pupils. The programme supports & empowers teachers to utilise their strengths & nurture their skills.
The MovingMonkeys programme provides teachers with a tool that puts them in control & maximises outcomes & supports teachers to attain a deeper understanding of a child’s strengths & abilities.
In this day and age school resources are tight & the scheduling of halls & sports resources is a challenge. The MovingMonkeys in School Programme is designed to be performed within the classroom, at a time that suits the teacher’s timetable.